Our vision statement is simple. CHURCH = FAMILY.


We believe that for so long church has become something that we do rather than something that we are and we believe God wants to change that. When you read the word of God regarding the early church we see that all they did was gather and that in their gathering, in their love for each other and in them following through with the instructions of God, the church was added to. We invite you with open arms to come and join our family here at Hillfields Church that you would know what it is like to be part of Gods messy family.

Our Structure

Our church is growing at a rapid rate, we have double in size in the last 12 months and it is showing no signs of stopping.

Our structure is made up of a membership. Our membership with the support of the trustees and leadership, help govern the church through the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit using without compromise the Word of God (the bible).  We believe in equipping and releasing people into ministry and we are always looking for more passionate people to join our amazing teams