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Jamie & Lara

Hi, we’re Jamie and Lara and our Life Group is meeting on Thursday evenings at 7-9pm in the church. There will be bible studies to help us on our Christian walk, as well as social events for fun and fellowship.


Jamie drives around all day delivering frozen pet food and is an avid Bristol City fan. He has 2 children, Isaac and Kezia, and is known for his culinary skills (or lack of them!). Jamie is the church Life Group Pastor, part of the Welcome Team, Youth Team, Safeguarding Team and general church clown.


Lara is a wedding and funeral celebrant and writes the church blog. She has 3 children, Aaron, Willem and Ellie and enjoys a cup of Earl Grey (milk, no sugar please). She volunteers with the church youth group and is part of the Livestream Team. You may see her around the garden with a watering can too.


We look forward to getting to know you and deepening our relationship with God together.

Jamie n Lara.jpeg

Joe, Jess & Grace

We are Jess, Joe and Grace. Our life group meet on Tuesday at 7pm at Jess and Joe new home. We are blessed to be part of this amazing couple Christian Journey. Jess and Joe have a beautiful daughter Kayleigh and an awesome son James. Joe and Jess have been the cornerstone of Hillfields Church, serving faithfully wherever they are needed. They both done the children church for years, now they are serving as the safeguarding leads. Jess love’s worshiping through dance and her dance ministers to the heart of many. Joe is the cool guy who can fix anything, an electrician and builder by trade. Their walk of faith is steady fast in the love of Christ and everyone who come into contact with them as a couple. Together they are an example of love, humility, compassionate, kindness and patience with Jesus Christ being at the centre of all they do. Myself Grace is privileged to be serving with Joe, Jess and all of you on this new chapter of our Christian journey (Life groups). I am a mother to my beautiful daughter Shaolin and blessed to be the guardian to a beautiful amazing niece Tapiwa. All three of us work in health and social care hospitals settings. I have been serving at Hillfields Church as part of the Welcome team and anywhere else as needed for years. I have been privilege to witnessed how God has used a little church in the middle of Bristol. To change so many life, through salvation, baptisms and preaching of the true gospel, the word of God. We will be meeting to share the love of Jesus through God’s word, prayer, praising and worship and social events, such as outdoor activities, meals or any other interesting activities which bring us together, to fellowship. These will be face to face, zoom, WhatsApp or other agreed social media platform. All ideas are welcomed as we share the journey with Christ Jesus together. We are all looking forward to see what God is going to do, through all of us. Looking forward seeing you all.

Joe Jess Grace.jpeg

Nick, Kathi, Ian & Anne

Our Life Group meets 7pm-8.30pm every Wednesday for Bible study, fellowship, prayer and support, and is co-led by Ian, Anne, Nick and Kathi. Ian and Anne are married, are parents to Rob and Claire and have 4 grandchildren, all within the church. They have been leaders in Hillfields Church for 18yrs, and also had a ministry for 16yrs, preaching the Gospel to the homeless and people with all types of addiction. They have seen many salvations and transformation of lives. Their heart is to see the lost saved and to equip and support the church family. Ian is an Elder and Anne oversees Pastoral Care for the ladies. Nick and Kathi live in Clevedon with their three children. Nick is a church pastor who also oversees men's ministry. Kathi serves with the Juniors.

Life Group Nicks.jpeg

Sue, Harry, Terry & Julia

Hi everyone we are two mature couples Harry and Sue, Terry and Julia and we have all been Christians for a long time all having a background of different churches and fellowships before becoming part of the Hillfields family. Our Life Group will provide opportunity for bible study, prayer, fellowship and some social activities such as meals together, walks and trips out. We will meet on Thursday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm at Terry and Julia’s house but can be flexible when necessary, meeting at other homes or places depending on availability and activities. We hope as we get to know one another better we will be able to pray and support each other and we look forward to meeting you around God’s Word and growing together in his Spirit.

Life Group Sue.jpeg

Mel, Amelia & Lin

Hello, we are Lin, Amelia and Mel and our life group meets on Wednesdays. Lin heads up the Welcome Team with Jamie and has a heart to make people feel loved and welcomed into our church and to see souls saved into the kingdom. Amelia is involved with Mel and volunteers with the juniors. She is also part of the prayer ministry team. Mel is our juniors leader and is passionate about bringing the Word of God to them. Her daughter Tash is the youth leader and Mel also helps out with youth events. Our life group aim is to have food and fellowship together, get around the word, support and pray for each other. We look forward to getting to know you all over the coming weeks.

Amelia Lin Mel.jpeg

Tash, Vara & Joab

The focus of the group will be on our relationships with God and each other. Becoming a family within the wider church family. Doing things like; worship with a guitar, bible study and prayer together, sometimes going over the message that was preached on Sunday. Shared meals and social events etc. We believe that as we move forward, we will grow to share in each other’s struggles, joys and special moments in all our lives. We will also be utilising all the gifts that God has given us as a group. Making videos for the church to be encouraged and content that might make someone enquire about Jesus. Things like short podcasts focusing on what God is doing in this moment in our church etc. God willing, we hope we can take some of what God is doing in our group and take it into schools or universities. This is all something that we are still asking God about Our hope is that the group will facilitate the fruit that God is working in us to reach people even outside of the church. Psalm 1:3

Life Group Tasj.jpeg

Rich, Claire, Rob & Daisy

Hello we’re Rich, Claire, Rob and Daisy. Our life group meet together on Tuesdays as well as via zoom and WhatsApp Chat. Rich is the lead pastor of Hillfields Church and loves Man United (maybe too much), Claire is Rich’s wife and is one of the worship leaders here, Claire also works for the NHS and loves singing and worshipping. Rich and Claire have two teenagers Ben and Grace. Rob is a worship leader in the church and works installing audio and visual systems into churches, Rob loves comedy and you can often find him making an hilarious movie with his Dad ad now his two boys. Daisy is another member of our worship team leadership, Daisy loves art and dancing for Jesus. Daisy has two beautiful daughters. We are so excited about our life group and cannot wait to get connected with you.


Ben & Rehema

Hello everyone we are Ben and Rehema and our life group meets online, Thursday evenings via Zoom. We meet for prayer, devotion, worship and Bible studies. Not forgetting we also meet up socially for fellowship and family day trips. We are predominantly a family group, catering for parents with children of all ages. However our group is great for those where meeting online may be preferred. We view our life group as somewhere we can be surrounded by people that encourage, support and challenge one another. We want to see individuals and families grow in their relationships with Christ. Buiding habits and practises to help eachother stay focused on God through daily family life. Ben is a Pastor in the church and also a maintenance man. So if you need prayer or any odd jobs doing please let him know. Rehema is an accountant and she is one of the children’s workers at church. We also have a daughter (as pictured) and we are keen for her to grow up with other Christian children. Ephesians 2:19-22 So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.

Ben & Rehema.jpeg

Freija, Jill & Petronella

Hi We are Jill, Petronella and Freija Our group meets twice a month for Worship, study, prayer and relevant discussion. We also use our whatsapp/messenger group to stay in touch and arrange impromptu meet ups for walks, coffee and such. Jill is the longest standing member of our church, enjoys her home and garden and opening up her home to gather in fellowship. Jill has walked with the Lord for many years and has traveled to various different holiday destinations being an ambassador for Christ Jesus wherever she has visited. Petronella is Jamaican by birth and has been living in the uk for over 20 yrs. Cooking, Baking and cleaning are her hobbies. Petronella is a God fearing person who believes in holiness unto God. She loves praise and worship and is always willing to try new things. Petronella means to carry on with her lord and saviour Jesus Christ as long as he lends her breath. Freija helps run church merch, is part of the pastoral care team, a youth volunteer and enjoys making handmade gifts, painting, creative projects and dog walking. She works in a health food shop part time.


Debbie, Joanne & Leanne

Hello our group leader’s are Leanne, Joanne and Debbie. Our life group meets Wednesday evenings and as well as having a WhatsApp group for updates and sharing our faith together. Leanne is married with 3 children and life is filled with family time, home education and Jesus. Leanne loves nature, exploring the countryside, reading and spending time withChurch family, praising God and helping family and friends. Joanne has been at Hillfields Church for over 2 years and is part of the Welcome team there. Joanne loves reading,listening to Worship and spending time with people and Family. Joanne has a daughter Gracie. Debbie loves spending time with her family and friends. Her focus is sharing her faith in Jesus, along with walking, painting and cooking.

Joab, Vara & Tash
Nick, Kathi, Ian & Anne
Rich, Claire, Rob & Daisy
Joab, Tash, Vara
Life Group Freija
Jamie and Lara
Harry, Sue, Julia, Terry
Lawrence Selfie
Ben & Rehema
Debbie, Jo, Leanne
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