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We are so excited to announce our latest Hillfields Worship release featuring Claire Rycroft called Belong. This was released on 16th February 2024 and will be the first of many new releases this year. This song was written by our worship leader Claire Rycroft and it is a story of her testimony of coming to Jesus and walking with Him, which we feel is a song many can relate to. 


All songs are available now to download from Spotify, iTunes and most digital platforms.

In November 2022 we released our debut album called We are your church. The Title track is a testimony of realising that as we have moved forward with God as a church we have seen the power, works and miracles of God that we can testify to being part of God's incredible plan. Our most popular track is Abba Father, once you hear that one you will be hooked for life and I'll Rise is a powerful song about our heavenly destination and how we know how the story end.

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