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We are currently running multiple bible studies every Wednesday starting at 7:30pm. Take a look to see which one you would like to attend.

New Believer? 

Join Ian and Anne as they run a foundation course which is designed to strengthen your relationship with God and your foundation of knowledge from the word of God.

Been a Christian a while?

Join Sue and Harry as they study the book of John. Taking a deeper look into the life of Jesus... 

Prefer home group style?

Join Debbie and Amelia as they look into the word of God in a more personal environment. You may even get the added bonus of cake.


Join Tash and Joab as they run a youth study on the book of James. Tackling the tough questions that young people have and encouraging them to get into their word and share their view on scripture.

Bit far to travel mid-week?

Join Nick and Kathi as they run a Clevedon bible study. Opening up their home to help accommodate more people who have further to travel.

Can't make it?

We have loads of online content and studies to help encourage you in your walk with God. Check out some of our online bible studies below. 

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