Rock foundations is a weekly study, designed to strengthen your relationship with God and your foundation of knowledge from the Word of God. 

Messy church is a monthly event for children aged 4-9. This is a place of fun, crafts, games and learning about God in a creative way. 

Roots is an amazing group for youth, where they gather together and encounter God, in a place of worship.

Spirit Dancers is a monthly group for all ages from 6-16, it focuses on using dance to teach young people to express themselves, work as a team and rely on God.



Our Weekly Programmes 


11am Morning Service inc Kids Church


11am - Prayer Meeting

3:30-5:30 - After School Drop-in (Age 10+)


7pm Rock Foundations


3:30-5:30 - After School Drop-in (Age 10+)

7:30pm Midweek Meeting



6-8pm Roots - for age 10+


Messy Church 1st Saturday of every month 4-6pm.

Outreach, 2nd Saturday of every Month.

Spirit Dancers 2nd Saturday of every Month 3-5pm.




9-10am - In the Pink Keep Fit 

11am- Rock Foundations

3:30-5:30 - After School Drop-in (Age 10+)

6:30-7:30- Arise and Dance (Except 1st Friday of each month)

7pm - Prayer Meeting 1st Friday of the month

Please Join us for fasting Fridays as we seek breakthrough in the church and the community...