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Rock foundations is a weekly study, designed to strengthen your relationship with God and your foundation of knowledge from the Word of God. 

Messy church is a monthly event for children aged 4-9. This is a place of fun, crafts, games and learning about God in a creative way. 

Roots is an amazing group for youth, where they gather together and encounter God, in a place of worship.

Spirit Dancers is a monthly group for all ages from 6-16, it focuses on using dance to teach young people to express themselves, work as a team and rely on God.



Our Weekly Programmes 


(Due to Covid-19 our usual time table is not currently valid, however we are open and if you want to know what is happening each week please contact us or go to our facebook page.)


11am Morning Service inc Kids Church


5pm- Premier of HYTV on Youtube


11-2pm- Coffee Pot

7pm Midweek Meeting


3:30-5:30 - After School Drop-in (Age 10+)



4:30-6:30pm- Spirit Dancers for ages 6-16

7-8pm- Arise and Dance (Ladies Only)


Messy Church 1st Saturday of every month 4-6pm.

Outreach, 2nd Saturday of every Month.




9-10am - In the Pink Keep Fit 

6-8pm - Roots (Age 10+)

Please Join us for fasting Fridays as we seek breakthrough in the church and the community...

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