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I Wandered Lonely as a Gardener

I drive around a lot with my job, often along country roads. I’ve noticed the daffodils growing on the grass verges over the last few months and their little bursts of colour have really brought me a great sense of joy. Up until recently, the weather has been dull and the verges muddy but these wonderful explosions of yellow have really cheered me up on wet and gloomy days.

I was thinking about these daffodils last week as I passed array after array of them. For each dazzling display that I saw, someone had taken the time to plant clusters, rows or great swathes of bulbs in places they wouldn’t necessarily have the pleasure of seeing the results of themselves; outside the boundaries of their own homes or along the public highways, some not easy to access with the traffic whizzing past. Many of these bulbs have been there for years, appearing every spring in all their golden glory, and maybe the person who took the time to plant those orbs of latent blooms are no longer with us, having already passed on years ago.

Having planted some of the bulbs for my church’s garden last year, I can appreciate the work that goes into digging the earth to make holes deep enough for each tuber and covering them back over, time and time again. All you’re left with at the time is an area of earth that won’t reveal it’s hidden treasures for months and months. BUT. When those leaves start pushing their way through the cold hard soil and flower buds appear and open...oh the thrill of seeing the wonder of God’s creation.

The difference for me was that I knew I would see the result of my hard labour, despite the wait, but the road-side gardeners are planting for others’ enjoyment- a selfless act very much valued by me and I’m sure countless others.

So now I’ve finished Words Worthing about daffodils, what is my point? My mind wandered to the Christian parallel of long ago planted bulbs as I was driving; often the seeds we plant as Christians are just like those daffodil bulbs planted long go. Sometimes we can sow our Christian message in the hearts of our friends, colleagues or even strangers but won’t see the harvest. We should not be discouraged though because, years later, that seed may well bloom for someone else to witness, nurture and tend just like I got to watch the daffodils grow, bud and flower, having put no effort in myself,

Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe all that He has commanded (Matthew 28: 19) so do not be disheartened if you don’t see a harvest from what you have sown. Sometimes we reap the harvest from what others have sown and see the fruits of their hard labour so give thanks for them as others will give thanks for your planting too.

The harvest is plentiful, it’s the labourer’s who are few (Matthew 9: 37), so let’s get ready to harvest as well as plant.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 29, 2022

Loved this parable of the daffodil. Selflessly sowing secret seeds.... that will not just one day blossom, but perpetually blossom.

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