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Say "Yes" To God

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I listen to UCB on the radio in my car. It’s a recent thing. I wanted to have more of a spiritual input in my life and so, for the first time ever, I tuned into a Christian radio station. A lot of the music isn’t to my taste but I know the message in the lyrics is food for my soul and there’s lots of Christian-based discussion too. The other day, I was listening to someone talking about a chap called Abishai who first appears in 1 Samuel: 26:6. I can’t say his name rang a bell but he and another guy called Ahimelech the Hittite were asked by David whether they would go with him to King Saul’s camp on a dangerous mission. Abishai said he would go but Ahimelech is not recorded as saying anything, in fact, nothing is heard about Ahimelech other reference at all! Abishai, on the other hand, is then spoken about in 2 Samuel 10, 18 and 20 as well as Chronicles 11 and 18 as he helps David, God’s anointed servant, defeat the enemy again and again. While Abishai didn’t say “Yes” to God directly, He knew that David had been anointed as God’s chosen king over Judah and was willing to go where he led. Ahimelech probably had similar strength and fighting experience to Abishai but wasn’t willing to step out and use this when it was needed (even though when David and Abishai got to Saul’s camp, all David did was take Saul’s spear and water jug and they left, unnoticed). When David asked the question, I imagine Ahimelech looking down at his shuffling feet, whistling nonchalantly as if he hadn’t quite heard what David had asked. Maybe he thought it sounded too much like hard work? Maybe he was scared? Maybe he thought he wasn’t up to the job? Either way, he seems to have remained silent and subsequently, appears not to have been not used by God in future battles to defeat the enemy. This got me thinking, what do we miss out on when we don’t say “Yes” to God? I’m not saying we might miss out on making our mark in history but we might miss out on making our mark in His story; the plan God has for us and His people. Even so, sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s God’s voice, our own, or that of the enemy. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 encourages us to test everything. Is what you feel God is asking of you in agreement with scripture? 2 Timothy 3: 16-17 says that all scripture is God-breathed and useful for many things including teaching and training in righteousness so that we may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. God will not ask you to do something that cannot be backed up with scripture. Will it build up? (Ephesians 4: 16, 1 Corinthians 14:26), will it produce fruit? (John 15: 1-8), will it further His kingdom (Matthew 24: 14, Mark 16:15, Romans 10:14). Step out in faith if you think God is speaking to you. Sometimes that step is less scary than you think it’s going to be. Saul and his army stayed sleeping when David and Abishai entered the camp and there was no great battle. Often, God tests our mettle before he asks greater things of us. He is gentle and allows us to grow in strength and confidence, equipping us on the way. For me, praying out loud with others has been a step out of my comfort zone; sharing visions; inviting people to church. Okay, that’s nothing big but not everyone is called into battle with David! We are, however, all part of God’s army, His people rising up to bring about His Kingdom here on Earth and that army is being called forth. Say “Yes” to God today!

- Lara

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 21, 2021

Amen! Well said, Lara! I would never have dreamed God would Do all He has Chosen to Do through me since I said "Yes!" to take the first tentative step of Faith into His Ministry which He is Gracious enough to Use my Obedience for to encourage the broken hearted and for Jesus' Glory! <3

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